Nate 'n Al

A Delicious History

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Nate 'n Al


Established in 1945, Nate 'n Al has a long and wonderful history. A tradition of serving delicious meals while bringing together great friends and honoring one simple commitment: to serve the finest deli favorites prepared with the best ingredients. Best of all, this Beverly Hills institution is still owned and operated by the family of the late Al Mendelson, ensuring customers enjoy a unique deli experience with a lot of heart.

Nate 'n Al opened its doors in 1945, but the idea truly began more than 20 years earlier. Al Mendelson had moved from his native Russia to Toronto and eventually Detroit. It was there in a famous Motor City deli that he met his partner, Nate Rimer, and the idea of opening their very own deli was born. The two men set their sights on Southern California. Sunshine, movie stars and a bright future awaited them.

Once they arrived, Nate and Al opened the Beverly Hills location that held a mere 30 customers. Yet, despite its humble size, the deli began to grow big in name. Silver screen starlets. Directors. Producers and writers. They all began to make Nate 'n Al a Hollywood hangout.

It was during this boom that Al expanded the restaurant to its present size. And while Nate would eventually leave the business, Al was surrounded by a strong family including his wife Terry, sons Barry and Sandy, and grandsons Mark and David who still operate Nate 'n Al today. This dedication and strength of family has brought more notoriety but, most importantly, ensured the best tasting and most well prepared food for its customers.

Today the booths remain filled with good friends and local families, and tourists from across the globe. Further proof that if it’s not Nate 'n Al – it’s not deli.